Positioning Statements

  • When we do a jingle, a lot of times it boils down to the clients name or business, a positioning statement, and then a huge donut the client wants to cram full of filling. So the positioning statement really is important.

    What the client does, where they are located, what makes them different... all of these can rock as a PS. But if you can reach down to the sub-conscious level and let it percolate for a while, maybe something cool can come up. Sometimes a play on the name... we did one for Esser Air Conditioning, "Yessir, it's Esser" that worked great.

    Don't overlook the power of a jingle. They can be hackneyed if not done properly, but if you can match the business with a musical motif, you can create an indelible impression that will last a lifetime.

    Check out our website, www.jinglekings.com to let your mind fuel up on ideas.

    Bob Brown the Jingle King