• Friday’s don’t we love ‘em? A whole weekend ahead to spend with family and friends, time to relax or maybe do some sport or shopping, maybe take a short break with our partner, time to recharge the batteries before we get back into the next selling week.

    My question is this: What time on Friday do you stop selling? The key words in that sentence are “stop selling”. Around lunchtime? Or 2pm? Earlier?

    Friday’s are like that. Sometimes you have to tidy a few things up before you go home. I know some teams have sales meetings on Fridays. Other companies have pizza and beer from around 4.30pm. A great way to wind down…….or is it?

    Here’s a secret from the stars who I have been lucky enough to work with and many times been privileged to help coach. It’s a secret they probably won’t appreciate me passing it on.

    The best sales people “sell until the bell rings” every day (including Friday and sometimes even Saturdays). Yep they miss out on beer and pizza, they don’t tidy their desk, they just keep selling and while their competition is taking a break on Friday afternoon that’s when these stars keep making sales.

    Here’s another secret. The best sales people then work on Sunday evening after spending family or personal time on Saturday and most of Sunday to plan their coming week. That way they are 100% focussed and ready to sell come Monday morning.

    We all have choices, don’t we? So what will you choose to do this coming Friday afternoon?