Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: The ghosts of Soda Springs

  • World’s only “Captive Geyser” erupts every hour on the hour

    Who was the ghost walking the halls? Did he die falling down the stairs? Was he shot and killed? Or is she a prostitute who was murdered in cold blood?

    The 98-year-old Enders Hotel in Soda Springs, Idaho, stayed silent Friday and gave up no secrets. Even the stairs refused to live up to their age and remained hushed as we ascended. The pipes of the ancient boiler system did proffer forth a weak attempt at revealing long-held secrets. Yet even the soft banging echoing through the building was not enough to shed illumination on the unanswered questions.

    As we roamed the second floor, stories of the haunted past were quickly replaced by real-life stories of the historical past. Room after room of the Enders Hotel has been converted to a historical museum sharing the story of Soda Springs.

    Soda Springs was originally known as Beer Springs because of the hundreds of natural springs of bitter tasting carbonated water. That bitter spring water gained the area notoriety as the soda water was marketed nationally after rail service reached the area in 1882. The commercial success lasted only a few years before man-made carbonation took over the market.

    In the center of town roars the world’s only “captive geyser.” Discovered in 1937 while attempting to find a hot water for a swimming pool, the geyser is now capped and set on a timer to erupt every hour. The geyser’s extreme pressure is caused by “carbon dioxide gas mixing with water in an underground chamber.”

    Please enjoy a short photo journey of Soda Springs’ Historical Museum at the Enders Hotel. You can also enjoy the photos in a short retro video by clicking here. If you’re adventurous, and it doesn’t take a lot, enjoy a road trip like we did and enjoy a taste for yourself of the carbonated water of Soda Springs.

    Lobby of the “haunted” 98 year old Enders Hotel in Soda Springs, Idaho

    Phone Center Switchbox

    Photos of early Soda Springs residents

    World War I footlocker of Dr. Ellis Kackley, “Best Damn Doctor in the West”

    Medical Exam Table

    Dr. Ezekeal Bumblins D.D.S. Dental Prices

    78 records in chest

    Cash register

    1800’s era ‘square’ grand piano

    1892 vintage typewriter, intended to be a “substitute for the pen”

    1940’s Emerson Table Top Radio

    Shoe shine machine capable of shining brown or blacks shoes for just 25 cents

    Shoe shine chair

    Early 20th Century formal and wedding dress

    Child’s dollhouse

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    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to read about the Wagon Box Grave at Soda Springsand the Haunted Enders Hotel.


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