Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: For our son Clint

  • I wanted to share a few thoughts for our son Clint who is getting married May 1st to Daniella Bruyere.

    Remember Clint…

    You’re a kid who can do anything, though sometimes you may need your brother and his crescent wrench.

    There was a time when some things were bigger than you, like horses and grandpas.


    You’re still a cute kid, even when you drive your sisters nuts.


    Winning a race is not near as fun as running it with family, and leaving us all in the dust.

    There are not many days better than shooting trap with Grandpa at Thanksgiving.


    And not many days will be more memorable than a day saying goodbye.

    Or a day surrounded by goofy family.

    Now your time has come to start a new stage in life, your journey with Daniella.


    Enjoy all the silly moments…


    The romantic moments…


    The times you get to dance for no reason at all… 

    And when you stick together life will always be alright, even when it rains.


    Some days you’ll do all the carrying…

    And some days Daniella will.

     Of all the uniforms you’ll wear in life, that of a son, brother, husband, and dad will be the best…


    And that of being a best friend. 

    On those days when you’re not sure which path to take, trust and listen to those who have walk ahead in life…

    So you can help those who follow your path.

    Enjoy discovering life together…

    It’s an incredible journey.

    Love you Clint. Love you Daniella.

    Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to share a few memories with your family.


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