Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: I wish you hope…

  • The Friday evening sun cast a wistful shadow over the Saguaro desert near Tucson, Arizona as Clint and Daniella exchanged their wedding vows. They were surrounded by family and friends, many who traveled across the nation, and even some from Germany.


    There are many stories I could share about this wonderful week. I wish to simply share the thoughts I shared with Clint and Daniella. The written words may be more or less formal than what was spoken, but the essence is the same.


    Clint and Daniella,


    I wish you hope when you feel hope is lost.

    I wish you peace when you struggle to find it.

    I wish you forgiveness when you need forgiveness.

    I wish you happiness when it seems out of reach.

    I wish you courage when you’re feeling scared.

    I wish you love when you don’t feel loved.


    Join me, if you would like, and share your own thoughts with Clint and Daniella. I’ll pass them along.


    Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to write down the thoughts you would share, even if you keep them just for yourself.


    Les Patterson loves to share stories and the “Monday Morning Boost” is his way of sharing a story or two with family, friends, and clients. Les believes every person, business and organization has a story worth sharing. Since 1997 he has enjoyed finding compelling ways to share those stories through writing and producing radio commercials at the Cache Valley Media Group. Discover how he can help tell your story at www.CacheValleyMediaGroup.com. Feedback and comments are welcome at les@cvradio.com. ©2015, Les Patterson.  All Rights Reserved. To UNSUBSCRIBE, reply to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line and your email will be removed.