Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: I’m just a kid…

  • I participated in a round of mock job interviews years ago while attending Utah State. Employers from several different industries were on hand to interview the students, most from the College of Business. I was one of the odd ducks who wasn’t a business student.


    I was just a Communications major.


    I was wearing my best suit, and even polished my boots nice and black, but I felt totally out of place. I was underdressed compared to all the three-piece business suits. I felt overwhelmed, struggling with self-confidence, knowing beforehand I wouldn’t do very well.


    I blew my first interview without even trying. The second wasn’t much better. But the third…


    “So, what do you do?” the interviewer asked me.


    “I’m just a Communications major,” I answered.


    Just a Communications major?”


    “Yes sir.”


    He asked about my grades, which weren’t stellar, then asked what else I was doing besides college. “Not much,” I told him, “just raising a family and just working a few part-time jobs to get through school.”


    Just raising a family? Just working a few part-time jobs?”


    “Yes sir.”


    The next ten minutes changed my life.


    The interviewer helped me understand I was much more than just a Communications major, and I was doing much more than just raising a family while just working my way through college. I began to realize I didn’t need to excuse my status in life by justifying what I was doing, or not doing. I could stand on my own two feet and be proud I was Communications major raising a family and working my way through school.


    Our daughter Leslie had a similar experience last fall when her drama teacher at Sky View High School helped her realize she was much more than “just in the ensemble.”


    My dad realized he was much more than just an irrigator.


    Many women discover they are much, much more than just stay-at-home mothers.


    Anna from Frozen was reminded she didn’t have to be her sister Queen Elsa to be more than just Anna.


    And many boys and girls of all ages have discovered they are much more than just kids.

    This isn’t always an easy attitude to maintain. Too often we may feel we’re not as good as others, or as good as we want to be. While there’s nothing wrong with holding ourselves to higher bar, we need never justify feeling less of ourselves by what we do.


    Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to recognize and enjoy being who you are, and strive to see the same in others.


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