Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: You’re not “just” something

  • Whatever you are, you’re not “just” something.


    You’re everything.

    You’re important.

    You’re you.


    I was touched by the thoughts several of you shared after last week’s discussion. I hope sharing a few of the responses will likewise make your Monday a little brighter as you made mine.


    C.C. – That was good.  When I was teaching school at the High School and at the Trade Tech, we tried to teach our students those same things – you’re not just something.


    D.S. – Great message, Les. All of us are important and can do much if we will believe in ourselves.


    J.M. – This is so true. Thanks for sharing.


    K.C. – Thanks Les, this is a much needed reminder for me this busy Monday. =) I think anytime you compare yourself to others they always win…… because you’re the one that’s doing the comparing. If it was the other way around it would be different. Right? Thanks for always seeing the good in others. I saw a quote yesterday that reminded me of you because it was something I thought you’d say. “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do… It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” Enjoy your day my friend.


    E.A. – Well said! Thank you for sharing!


    S.S. – That really gave us a lot to think about. We raised our kids, now we are watching our grandkids, and for us, we watch our great grandkids. Are we going to be alive to see them grown, to see them go to high school, play football or others sports?


    A.K. – This is “just” great Les! Love it. I may have to try to link this to my Facebook page today. Have a good day!


    L.H. – I love it!! “Just a parent.” “Just working every job I can come up with.”  You’re the greatest.  I’m glad the interviewer taught you a true life lesson.


    J.K. – You are awesome Les. Thanks from “just” me!!!


    M.S. – Uplifting. This is a common problem.


    We can do awesome things when we believe in ourselves. It helps when others also believe in us. But even if they don’t, we can still change the world surrounding us by being we can be.


    Bryant Oden sings a cute little tune that kids of all ages will enjoy. Click on the link to enjoy the little ditty yourself.


    The Only One Who Can Be Me

    Out of all the people who have ever lived

    I’m the only one who can be me

    And if I’m busy wishing I was someone else

    That leaves a vacancy


    So I better stop complaining and I better stop draining

    All of my energy




    As long as I’m wishing I was someone else

    There’s no one left to be me


    No one can be you.

    And being you is best of all.


    Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to simply enjoy being you, because being you is the best of all!


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