Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: Iwo Jima – “Tuning in my brother”

  • “Towards evening, about five o’clock, we looked up and there came two Whistling Willies.”


    That’s how Lloyd Lewis starts out sharing his story about his time in Iwo Jima. We had the privilege of visiting with Lloyd after the July 4th parade in Lewiston. Lloyd rode in the parade wearing his WWII Marine uniform, complete with his sewn on private stripe.


    Private Lloyd Lewis visiting with Elisa and our son Brenin after the Lewiston July 4th Parade


    We met Lloyd before, back on Veteran’s Day in 2010, and knew some of his story. After visiting with him at the park, I wanted to learn more. After a little Googling I discovered a video interview published last year by the Voices of History Project.


    Private Lloyd Lewis sharing the story of his time on Iwo Jima.


    “We knew it was close, but you don’t run because the minute you jump up you’d be shot anyways. So we just cover up our eyes. You can lose an arm or leg but not the eyes. The next thing I knew I was blown out the hole. I hit the ground… and I thought I was dead…


    “Finally the blood cleared out of my eyes and I tried to tune in my brother in because we were so identical we could talk to one another without saying a word. And so I got trying to tune him in and he didn’t tune in. The hole was there but there was a helmet down over this way. Instinct, or whatever, told me to crawl to that helmet. When I got there…”


    I encourage you to watch the rest of the short video interview with Lloyd Lewis. He shares the story of the day his twin brother Boyd was killed on Iwo Jima. It February 26, 1945. They were both 17.


    Lastly, I leave you with a little verse I penned on July 4th as I watched Old Glory silently fluttering. I hope you enjoy.



    She is Old Glory


    She flies today

    Full of Old Glory and honor

    Thanks to those who defend

    At home and abroad.


    Stars, Stripes, Field of Blue

    Fluttering, waving, hanging still

    Ours to behold, ours to believe

    Ours to salute as She passes by.


    She is our love, our passion too

    Never to be forgotten

    Forever to be remembered

    Watched over as She has us.


    Stand tall today, tomorrow too

    Many have, many still

    She is ours to keep

    She is Old Glory


    Have a great Monday. Thanks for letting me share!


    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to remember those who served our country, and those who serve today.


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