Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: The power of 15 minutes

  • What can you do in 15 minutes? 

    Walk a mile, read a chapter, surf the net, eat breakfast… or hit the snooze button, again?

    I’m asked occasionally about the “15 minute” suggestion I include at the end of every Monday Morning Boost. The inspiration came a few years ago from Roger Welsh, our local business owner who had a practice of using 15 minutes a day to try to make a difference.

    One of my first exposures to the Power of 15 minutes from Roger was a laminated clipping from the Herald Journal newspaper. If I’m remembering correctly it was a picture of our son Cody giving blood when he was in high school. This simple gesture probably took Roger no more than 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes helped a teenage boy realize he was noticed by someone other than his parents.

    Roger made a difference. He thought about Cody, and then did something about it. 

    It’s too easy to get caught up in exercising good intentions. An old proverb says a certain path is paved with good intentions. Forget the good intentions and simply follow Roger’s example – exercise the Power of 15 Minutes to do something to make a difference.

    Here are a few ideas to jump start your 15 minutes:

    • Call a friend or family member
    • Write a thank you note to a co-worker
    • Pick up 15 pieces of garbage throughout the day
    • Say hello to 15 different people
    • Share a funny thing your child did with your brother or sister
    • Share a childhood memory with your children
    • Call your dad and mom to say I love you
    • Write in journal 15 things you are grateful for

    Blogger Marelisa Fábrega shares “14 More Extremely Useful Things You Can Do In 15 Minutes or Less.” I was intrigued by her suggestions, especially her insights on reading. “51 percent of the American population never reads a book,” according to Marelisa’s research, “more than 400 pages long after they complete their formal education.” Scary. Read her list for more great ideas.

    Now it’s your turn. Do something today to discover the Power of 15 Minutes and make a difference. I invite you to share what happens.  I’m a good listener.

    Have a great Monday!  Thanks for letting me share.

    Les Patterson

    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to make a difference in your life by implementing the power of 15 minutes. 


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