• Rainbows would be on my Visual Bucket List, like this one my son Brenin captured at sunrise over Hyde Park on Friday.

    What would you want to see if you knew you wouldn’t be able to see anymore?

    For the parents of a little five year old girl, it’s the question of a lifetime. Little Lizzie Myers is losing her sight from a rare genetic disorder. Her parents Steve and Christine Myers haven’t yet shared the fateful news with Lizzie, yet they’ve set out to help Lizzie experience a ‘visual bucket list’ before her sight goes away.

    Morning sunrises and rainbows have been experienced as have road trips to the zoo and the Smokey Mountains. Interestingly, they started with low light activities such as stars, lightning bugs, and plays because that’s the sight level Lizzie will lose first.

    Reading Lizzie’s story prompted a self-exploration of the same question. While I journeyed through my mental bucket list, I extended the question to a large handful of family and friends. I hope you’re equally inspired by their responses as I am.

    I start with Elisa, our kids, and family.

    Elisa - I would definitely want to spend as much time as I could with my family. I would also love to travel to the Holy Land, Ireland, and New England in the fall.

    Cody - I would spend as much time with the people I love before I wasn’t able to see their faces again. The Grand Tetons, the Northern Lights.

    Clint - Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Eiffel Tower, and the Mayan Ruins.

    Daniella - The Sistine Chapel and Mayan Ruins and go scuba diving in the Maldives.

    Rebecca - The stars from Capitol Reef. A view from a hot air balloon.

    Leslie - My family. A starry sky. The sun set on the ocean. The snow falling on a winter night.

    My sister Kris Sakkijah and her children - I want to see my future grandchildren, take a few trips to Scotland, Denmark, Jordan, Switzerland, and other places with family. Her daughter Hana wants to ride many roller coasters, go to Paris, and play with her cat. Her son Laith wants to see the Eiffel Tower, go to the Temple, and watch a lot of TV.

    My sister-in-law Randie Patterson, who’s due to have a baby any day - Schedule inducing tomorrow so I could see my baby daughter Oakley’s face, then spending the days until blind with Marc, Nixon and Oakley. 

    My cousin Roxy Griffith - #1 my kids. #2 the mountains.

    I would enjoy the nighttime sky, like we did last week to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. Though what we saw was not as stunning as pictured above, cuddling with my family in blankets on grass wet with dew was a still most spectacular adventure. Photo Credit: Kev Lewis.

    A few of my coworkers also shared what would top their Visual Bucket Lists.

    Shauna Jones - I would want to see the sunset from Mt. Everest, the faces of my grandchildren, a horse ride through Yellowstone National Park.

    DiAnna Young - Loved ones smiling faces, favorite canyon, mountain, or vacation spot. Ocean, lake, waterfalls. All would be wonderful to remember and can be triggered by sounds or smell once sight is lost.

    Lynn Simmons - Some of the great sights in Greece, all of Central Park in New York, all the U.S. history sites and museums.

    The Visual Bucket List invitation was extended to neighbors and friends.

    Jana Weaver - The faces of my family, a sunset on the beach, and all of the animals I could find, with the exception of snakes. I don’t like snakes!

    Brandon McBride - A few things I would like to see: Normandy. Machu Picchu. But most importantly, I would probably spend a lot of time looking at my beautiful children so that I would never forget their faces.

    Angela Andrew - A sunset in the Grand Canyon, the pyramids in Egypt, and a Mayan Temple.

    Steve Rutland - I would want to see the Seven Wonders of the World from a bird’s eye view in a hot air balloon or small plane. Also, sit on a mountain top with my family and watch a sunset. I think that would be all, knowing I have seen some wonderful things already in my life.

    Coylene Brinkerhoff - I’d say first off, my grandkids if I had any. I think it would be a family thing so I could memorize everyone’s faces. Places don’t seem so important when you’re thinking about something like that. Been to a lot of places and seen lots of amazing things and there are always more to see, but family and good friends are what’s most important.

    Joel Coleman - Jerusalem, my whole family in the Temple, the new Star Wars movie.

    Beautiful sunsets, like this one I captured from Hyde Park last Tuesday, would be on my Visual Bucket List.

    Now it’s my turn.

    I have long dreamed of exploring the wild Montana backcountry, the soft creek of a worn leather saddle on a good horse and flittering wildlife my only companions. I’ve yearned to lie under the stars, night after night, gazing upwards into the heavens then wake to the rising sun as it slowly melts away the darkness.

    I also wish to experience a few of the sacred places honoring The Fallen who’ve paid the “last full measure of devotion,” particularly the hallowed grounds at Gettysburg, Arlington, Normandy, and Iwo Jima.

    Yet each of these pale in comparison to the simple delight of being surrounded by my family. The journey we travel together, complete with all its tears, joys, heartaches and triumphs, is the desire that rises supremely to the top.

    I leave you with these thoughts, inspired and penned while watching the beautiful sunset pictured above.

    A soft glow beckons to

    A wanting, waiting soul

    This ending of today

    Begins to make me whole.

    If but for a moment

    My captivating quest

    A difficult journey

    Now peacefully takes rest.

    Have a great Monday!  Thanks for letting me share.

    Les Patterson

    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to create your own Visual Bucket List.

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