Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: The journey of cancer continues

  • Labor Day’s Monday Morning Boost is coming early as we are on the road traveling.


    My family and I started out 2015 saying goodbye to my father.

    Today we’re in Atlanta saying goodbye to Elisa’s father.


    The journey of cancer has once again come full circle.


    Buddy Peterson was one of my boyhood Scoutmasters. He taught me, among many things, that an old beat-up Chevy van chock-full of boys could go anywhere. We went places in that old van just to see if we could do it; climbing mountains we had no right climbing, much of the time singing crazy scout songs at full volume.


    He helped me live the adventure and enjoy the journey. More so, he helped me become an Eagle Scout. When my best friend and I all but given up on reaching this lofty goal he helped instill in us, Buddy came back into our lives to help us finish. We became his first Scouts to become Eagle Scouts. Years later I had a chance to thank him over a campfire at Fish Lake when I asked for permission to marry his daughter.


    Elisa and I had been married less than two years when cancer entered my life. I still remember the day we gathered as two families in Buddy’s front room where he and my dad offered prayers and blessings of faith on my behalf.


    Cancer is a scary word.  It evokes fear of the unknown.  You worry about the pain and losing your hair.  You worry because you don’t even know the questions you should ask.  You worry about how long you have left to live.


    Elisa and I were scared. But I didn’t realize at the time how scared our parents must have been.


    My dad gave me a hug and his trademark, “Keep your chin up, son.”

    Buddy gave me a hug and his trademark smile as if to say, “It’ll be alright son.”


    Two months ago Buddy went to see his doctor because he wasn’t feeling well. Prostate cancer was the answer. A month later he was on hospice.


    Cancer is a journey, one many people have gone through.  It’s a daily journey at first, sometimes feeling like your living moment to moment.  The fear of the unknown is a constant companion. 


    Yet, it’s just a journey. 


    Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not making light of the journey of cancer, especially for those who’ve gone through it.  Remember, I’ve gone through it myself. I held dad’s hand as he went through it. And now it’s Buddy’s journey.


    The journey through cancer is tough.  But then again, we all have our own tough journeys.  Different.  Unique.  Totally our own.


    Each journey we take, as well as each moment of the journey we’re currently taking, can give us strength, hope, faith, and courage for the next journey and the next step.  One way I’ve discovered to help me through the most challenging part of a difficult journey is to look for the richness and the joy along the way.  It’s very easy for me to see all the tough parts of the journey.  I have to put forth a lot of effort and focus my thoughts in order to see the richness and joy.  When I keep my chin up, my vision is clearer.


    “Keep your chin up, Dad.”  I love you.


    Have a great Monday!  Thanks for letting me share.


    Les Patterson


    p.s. Take 15 minutes today to remember the richness and joy found though your own journeys.


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