Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: Christmas in July

  • I start thinking about Christmas in July. Crazy, I know. I’m not great at shopping ahead, nor am I a big fan of “Christmas in July” mid-summer sales. Christmas comes early because I’m in the marketing and advertising world. The holiday shopping season, officially kicking off with Black Friday, is a huge part of my professional life.

    Marketing is all about influencing the buying of products and services. I help businesses with their marketing and advertising campaigns. The planning process for these campaigns is what has me thinking about Christmas months before the shopping season begins. We talk ideas, develop strategies and budgets, plan out events, and write radio commercials. Then we implement all our plans in a way we hope will influence and persuade consumers to buy what the businesses are selling.

    By the time the Christmas season arrives, I’ve spent months trying to influence Santa’s many helpers that I often don’t feel like being one myself. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love marketing. I love helping businesses tell their stories. I believe every business, just like every person, has a great story to tell. I take great satisfaction in developing compelling radio campaigns that break through the clutter and deliver results.

    Sometimes I get so caught up in the business end of Christmas I struggle to feel the spirit of giving that Christmas is really all about. The Christmas I spent in Iraq was a great sabbatical from the business world and I’ll share more about that beautiful Christmas in the coming weeks.

    Over the years I’ve strived to enjoy more of the journey of Christmas rather than just the anticipation of the day. It’s striving to think more about what I can do and less about what I can buy. It’s learning to leave work at work and being home when I’m home.

    It’s spending time with family, friends and neighbors. It’s being a Secret Santa, singing carols and shoveling snow. It’s watching Jimmy Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “Mr. Kruger’s Christmas.” It’s listening to the Christmas Station, enjoying the fun and playful songs along with the joyful and sacred.

    Stories always bring the journey of Christmas closer to my heart. “The Christmas Jars” is one of my favorites, as is Christmas Oranges. Each story represents the true spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving.

    The Christmas Journey for me is striving to discover more of the little moments that give pause for reflection, hope for the future and peace for the present. I hope your Christmas Journey helps you find the same.

    Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

    Les Patterson

    p.s. Take 13 minutes today to enjoy the journey of Christmas.

    Les Patterson loves to share stories and the “Monday Morning Boost” is his way of sharing a story or two with family, friends, and clients. Les believes every person, business and organization has a story worth sharing. Since 1997 he has enjoyed finding compelling ways to share those stories through writing and producing radio commercials at the Cache Valley Media Group. Discover how he can help tell your story at www.CacheValleyMediaGroup.com. Feedback and comments are welcome at les@cvradio.com. ©2015, Les Patterson. All Rights Reserved.