Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: Finding joy in the journeys

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    It’s been a year of challenging and exciting journeys for our family.

    We started the year caring for my dad Ed as he finished his journey with cancer in February. With Dad’s passing we spent the next several months clearing out and remodeling his house in Richfield, an adventurous journey by itself. The journey of cancer touched our family a second time with Elisa’s dad Bud. Though distance removed us from the daily experience of dealing with cancer, such as we went through with my Dad, the journey was still difficult and emotionally taxing. We’re grateful we were able to get most of our kids out to Georgia to see him just before he passed away in September.

    Our three boys helped the military journey continue to be part of our life. Cody continues his work as an Army infantry soldier stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. Jungle Warfare School was one of his favorite training experiences, yet also one of the most difficult. Clint carries on his cyber security work with the Marine Corps but now in his new residence with the Marines Reserve Headquarters in New Orleans. Brenin completed the first step of his military journey when he graduated from Air Force Basic Training earlier this month. He’s now in Tech School studying mental health at Fort Sam Houston (an Army base, ironically) in San Antonio.

    Our two girls are busy with the journey of school. Rebecca is in her second year at Snow College (the “Best School in the World,” according to a comprehensive study conducted by the esteem firm L&E Parental Advisors!) Leslie is a senior at Sky View High School where she’s actively taking a “huge load,” including extra classes, working hard for scholarship opportunities.

    Speaking of girls… another daughter joined our family this year. Daniella Bruyere captured Clint’s heart, just as he captured hers, and they were married May 1st in a beautiful sunset ceremony in the Tucson desert. The beautiful journey of a new marriage has brought Daniella’s parents Jim and Angela into our lives. We’re honored to share our son with them just as they share their daughter with us. Also with the union came Turk, our first “grand-dog,” though our resident feline Jewels is not completely sure what to think of the playful addition to the family.

    Elisa’s passion for family history is rushing forward faster than a speeding supersonic train. Nearly every time she delves into the journey of research she discovers another long lost ancestor somewhere beyond the third cousin twice removed family group sheet. Elisa is also furthering her musical journey as our church organist and choir pianist and survived with passionate delight two months of intense practice for the Christmas program. 

    Alas, my journey through life continues as well. I love my work creating advertising stories to share on the radio and I still love exercising my mental capacity writing the Monday Morning Boost. I’m also grateful there’s been enough snow this winter on the Cache Valley tundra for an occasional workout with the snow shovel and a couple journeys around the neighborhood with the snow blower.

    While I’m sure there have been a few more journeys worthy of note, I’m grateful to have these to enjoy remembering. I hope your journeys have also been memorable and enjoyable. For those journeys which have been challenging, I hope you have experienced, as we have, the sustaining blessings of the Gift we celebrate at Christmas. 


    As we journey forward into the New Year, determine today to find the joy in each aspect of your journey. While it may be easier to find joy in the pleasant and rewarding journeys, it is the challenging and difficult journeys which can fill your soul with a joy everlasting. It’s all how we look at it.

    The decision is yours.

    Have a great Monday!  Thanks for letting me share.

    Les Patterson

    p.s. Take 13+ minutes today to enjoy Dan Gilbert’s TED presentation on the Science of Happiness.

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