Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: Super Bowl Your Advertising!

  • Adobe – The Gambler

    Not many things are hyped up more this time of year than Super Bowl ads. Teaser ads abound on the internet and broadcast television. We talk about the ads days before the big game takes place. We’ll be glued to the tube during the game andduring the commercial breaks. We’ll debate which ones were good, great, and absolutely horrible.

    I’m an ad man, and I’m fascinated with our collective fascination with Super Bowl ads. Why do we love these ads so much? Why do we talk about them? We hate to admit we’re influenced by marketing and advertising, so why do we make an exception here???

    It’s the Super Bowl. It’s big time, it’s fun, it’s what “everyone” is talking about, and we want to be part of what everyone is talking about. But how many will we actually remember? How many will actually impact our future shopping behavior?

    By the way, each thirty second ad this year costs a measly $5 million.

    Click the photo above to see how Adobe puts that $5 million into perspective.

    Here’s my take on a few of the ads that worked well, and a few that didn’t.

    Let’s start with Acura who had me rockin’ with Van Halen as their new NSX Supercar comes alive with passionate power. Then Audi put me in the rocket seat… err, driver’s seat I mean… in a way I could feel it.

    Audi – Commander

    Two website development companies took drastically different approaches.WIX.com did a much better job connecting with its great storyline based on the movie Kung Fu Panda 3. Square Space simply died on the spot with some weird iteration of sports commentators who say a lot without saying anything.

    WIX.com – Kung Fu Panda 3

    Then you have Doritos, a longtime fan favorite with their Crash the Super Bowlcampaign of user submitted ads. Two ads ranked in the USA Today Best 5,Ultrasound and Doritos Dogs. Ultrasound has picked up passionate fans andpassionate critics ranking 3rd on the USA Today Ad Meter, ahead of Doritos Dogs incidentally, but came in dead last on the Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Review. The ad has also raised the political ire of the prolife and pro-abortion movements. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

    Doritos – Ultrasound

    My favorite ads tend to always waxed nostalgic. Top on my list is the story of Jeep as told through the Portraits of those who have “seen things no man should bear, and those that every man should dare.”

    Jeep – Portraits

    Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

    Les Patterson

    P.S. Take 13 minutes today to enjoy a 1943 United Films autobiography of the Jeep.

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