Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: Leap Day It Forward!

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    It’s Leap Day. What will you do with your extra 24 hours?




    I’m guessing for most of us Leap Day will simply be another normal day, full of the busyness of normal life. If you’re an adventurous sort (or even if you’re not!) may I propose a few alternatives to make Leap Day something a little more than normal.


    If you’re into ancient traditions, then maybe a marriage proposal is in the works. Although many may think it’s a myth, “according to the old Irish tradition,” as reported on Irish Central.com, “this is the perfect chance for a woman to take matters into her own hands and get down on one knee on February 29.”

    I wasn’t familiar with the Irish tradition until Hollywood brought it to the big screen in the 2010 movie Leap Year. A romantic comedy starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, it has easily become a favorite for Elisa and me. My favorite scene is when Adam’s character Anna tries to move a herd of Holsteins out of the road and discovers a cow pie with her $600 shoes.


    Angie Kauffman, on her blog, Real Life at Home.com, offers up 29 fun activities to do with kids requiring little planning. My favorites are #1 – Cancel School (cancel work???) and #7 – Take a field trip to a favorite location (on my list is to find out more about the Pioneer School House in North Logan). I have to admit #15 – Do a Leap Day obstacle course also sounds enticing!


    If you’re one caught in the trap thinking there’s nothing to do where you live, help is available. Nothing To Do In Logan.com, in honor of Logan’s sesquicentennial in 2016, offers up 150 things to do in Logan. The Cache Valley Visitors Bureau has a great list of “Fun Things to Do” in Cache Valley. And Indie Ogden offers up 10 Free Activities for Families in Northern Utah.




    John Tesh on his radio program Intelligence For Your Life, heard evenings onQ92, introduced me to a movement called #DayItForward. The concept is pretty simple. Use the extra 24 hours Leap Year grants to Pay It Forward by doing something for someone else. It might be as simple as calling a relative, visiting a neighbor you haven’t seen all winter, or reading to someone in a care center. TheCache Valley Volunteer Center has a comprehensive list of specific agencies and projects.

    Whatever you do with your extra 24 hours on your Leap Day, enjoy it!

    Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

    Les Patterson

    P.S. Take 13 minutes today to plan out something today to Leap Day It Forward. Then Do It!

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