Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: Mastering Army Omelets

  • The Army Omelet tradition started when Elisa was just a young child. Her father, George “Buddy” Peterson, loved omelets, especially those served in the Army chow halls. So twice a year on the first Sunday in October and April, when the family’s normal Sunday schedule took a hiatus, Dad whipped up his Army Omelets.


    When Elisa and I were married the Army Omelet tradition carried on. On the same Sundays twice a year I set my hand at cracking eggs, grating cheese, slicing ham, tomatoes, and peppers.


    That, I’ve learned, is the easy part!

    It’s taken me 25 plus years of experimenting to finally cook up an omelet that’s not completely burnt, falling apart, stone cold, or just plain yucky! I’ve tried different methods, including the griddle and omelet pan before finally settling on the frying pan.


    The method of cooking has taken much experimenting as well.


    In the early years I threw in the ingredients too soon, before the eggs had a chance to set up, and I didn’t wait long enough before attempting to flip the omelet over. After much endeavor, and years of trying, I finally realized I was not going to make it as a master omelet flipper.


    So I stopped trying. I know, I know. I need to take my own advice and NEVER stop trying! But I didn’t stop making omelets and learned how to fold in the sides instead and sprinkle liberally with cheese and cover with a lid to finish the cooking process.


    Next to the actual cooking, attempting to get everything on the table at the same time is my biggest challenge! I haven’t quite mastered the process and I was still dishing up the jam and over-toasting the English muffins as the Army Omelets were already gracing the plates.


    I take off my hat to Elisa, and to all women and men who effectively manage the daily task of feeding a family. My poor kids mostly starve when it’s up to me to feed them; fortunately, they’ve learned to fend for themselves!


    Overall, the Army Omelets turned out pretty good, the cheese melted perfectly, and Elisa’s homemade strawberry jam helped out the overdone muffins! The tradition survives yet another year!


    Have a great Monday. Thanks for letting me share!


    Les Patterson


    p.s. Take 13 minutes today to check out these two sites for the perfect omelet recipe and instructional video.


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