Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: 13 tidbits for my baby girl



    My baby girl Leslie Ann graduated from high school last week. We share a name, a lucky number 13, and a lucky day, Friday the 13th, the day she was born. In honor of Leslie’s graduation and our mutual connections, I share 13 tidbits of advice as she moves forward.


    Discover – New opportunities, new adventures, and new friends await you as you go forward in life. Life beyond high school will expand your horizons, challenge what you think you know, and expose you to different people and cultures. Discover the richness and beauty of life.


    Be Happy – Life is tough, and there will be days of sadness and frustration. Yet, life as a whole will be richly rewarding and will bless you with beautiful people and great experiences that will leave you too blessed to be depressed.


    Earn the Right – You’ve earned the right to participate in the greatest adventure ever… Life. Continue to earn that right. Be smart in your choices, listen to those you love and respect, and improve your skills. Most importantly, discover how to prioritize life. Get up every time you’re knocked down.


    Figure it out – You already know life will not be a bed of roses. It’s a challenging world and you’ll have to work hard. Ask questions, explore options, ponder, and pray. Seek out mentors, teachers, friends for appropriate advice. Listen to their counsel then make your own decision. Figure things out, even if it’s all on your own.


    Get back up – When you stumble, get up. When you stumble and fall again, get back up again. When life knocks you down, the storm feels like it’s too much to bear, and you feel you just can’t do it anymore, jump up with enthusiasm and shout at the top of your lungs – BRING IT ON!!!


    Dream – You can do anything you want to. I believe that completely. Dream to your heart’s content. Daydreaming is one of the most powerful tools for engaging the Law of Attraction. Some call it “visualization… with a purpose.” Daydream and visualize, then act with purpose to make your dreams come true.


    Save – Save your money, more than you already do. Budget wisely how you spend it. Invest time in understanding how money works, and start saving for retirement today. Yes, today. More important than money, prioritize your time. Money you can always replenish, time once spent is gone forever.


    Dance – You love to dance, and you’re good at it. Enjoy dancing. Make time to dance. It’s a great way to express creativity, and a great way of unwinding and relaxing. Life is demanding. Balance it by doing something you really enjoy. Dance.


    Give – Give love. Give time. Give service. Give back as a small way of saying thanks for all you have been blessed with. Give even when you have nothing to give but a smile and a warm hug. Remember, the widow’s mite that changed the world.


    Remember – Always remember who you are. It’s an age-old adage because it’s true and has stood the test of time. Remember where you come from, your roots, your family, your community. Remember the fun times at home, the joy of sleeping soundly in your own bed, and not having a care in the world. Remember to come home for more than money, food, laundry, and sleep.


    Stand up – Stand up. Stand even if you are the only one standing. One voice, one action, will make a difference. Be involved. Be a leader. Others will follow. Act with honor and integrity. Do the right thing even if you have to stand alone.


    Believe – Forever believe in yourself. Build extreme confidence by pushing outside your comfort zones. Believe you have a purpose in life. Believe others do as well. Believe people everywhere are innately good. Believe and exercise your faith in the Power of Heaven.


    Be a Good Friend – I leave you with that which I’ve shared many mornings as you’ve headed out the door to school. Be a good friend. Be the kind of friend that makes the world around you better. Be liberal in sharing your friendship, especially with those no one else notices.


    Have a great Monday. Thanks for letting me share.


    Les Patterson


    p.s. Take 13 minutes today to share a tidbit or two with someone you love or in your journal.


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