Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: The adventure begins

  • Towering trees full of leaves filtered out the hot afternoon sun. Wooden crates haphazardly arranged with care shared the story of a new love begun. Quart-size mason jars filled with roses warmly hugged by baby’s breath lined a pathway through the lush green grass.

    As bridesmaids and groomsmen, each adorned in black, stepped forward, a beautiful bride took her father’s arm. Then with a nod from the father of the groom, the music started.

    And we’ll build this love from the ground up... Now ‘til forever it's all of me, all of you... Just take my hand... And I’ll be the man your dad hoped that I’d be.
    “From the Ground Up” by Dan & Shay

    Down the pathway of lush green grass the beautiful bride Erica came. Escorted by her father Tom she walked between roses warmly hugged by baby’s breath and underneath towering trees filtering the hot afternoon sun. As father kissed daughter and passed her to Cody who had taken his place, perhaps Tom’s thoughts turned to the words of the song he and his daughter would later share in dance.

    I loved her first… I held her first... And a place in my heart will always be hers... From the first breath she breathed... When she first smiled at me... I knew the love of a father runs deep... And I prayed that she’d find you someday... But it’s still hard to give her away... I loved her first...
    “I loved her First” by Heartland

    Bottomless tears brimmed deeply for Elisa and I, and Tom and DeAnn, as our families came together witnessing Cody and Erica formalizing their growing love. They were once little, full of wonder and mischief, growing and learning, testing and trying. They lived in the land of make-believe where dreams were boundless, the impossible possible unlimited by life’s experiences. Then our kids grow up, as Elisa’s song to dance with Cody teaches us.

     Then they do... And that’s how it is... It’s just quiet in the morning... Can’t believe how much you miss... All they do... And all they did... You want all the dreams they’ve dreamed of to come true... Then they do... Oh, and then they do.
    “Then They Do” by Trace Adkins

    Cody and Erica looked at each other, looked at us, then turned to Bishop Curtis Pederson. “Love,” he said, “is both a verb and a noun.” Bishop Pederson explained if we start acting and showing love, the verb, then we will start experiencing the feeling of love, the noun.

    Cody and Erica will continue to discover, for years to come, their actions of love will grow their feelings of love. That’s what makes dreams come true. And that’s what they danced to… dreams coming true.

    I cross my heart and promise to... Give all I’ve got to give to make all your dreams come true... In all the world you’ll never find a love as true as mine.
    I Cross My Heart” by George Strait

    Before the night wrapped up, Cody and Erica and the rest of our kids joined together in a circle, singing and hugging. “Amazed” by Lonestar never sounded so good. Click the photo to enjoy.

    Dancing to “Amazed” by Lonestar

    Love begins with hope. Of all the many more stories I could share about this wonderful week, I leave you with that which I shared with Cody and Erica. While the written words may be reminiscently familiar, and more or less formal than what was spoken, they convey what this father was feeling for his son and his new daughter-in-love.

    Cody and Erica,

    I wish you hope when you feel hope is lost.

    I wish you peace when you struggle to find it.

    I wish you forgiveness when you need forgiveness.

    I wish you happiness when it seems out of reach.

    I wish you courage when you’re feeling scared.

    I wish you love when you don’t feel loved.


    The adventure begins!

    Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

    p.s. Take 15 minutes today, if you’d like, to share a wish of hope I can pass on to Cody and Erica.