Steps to consider before choosing an Advertising Agency

  • Choosing an advertising agency, is one of the most crucial aspects that determines the success or failure of your impending marketing & advertising strategy. With the emergence of new media & concepts such as experiential marketing, lifestyle marketing, not to mention social media marketing, it is extremely important to partner with the right advertising agency who is able to communicate the right message, through the right medium, in the right context.

    If one was to look at the advertising agency Delhi scenario alone, the sheer volume of agencies is mind-boggling. Besides the traditional full service agencies, who command a sizeable chunk of the advertising spends, there have emerged many other specialized agencies especially in the digital domain.

    Choosing the right Advertising Agency, Delhi or a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, is a process that requires a lot of consideration along the following lines:

    Objectives- First & foremost, it is important to determine what is the purpose of engaging with the agency. It is crucial to determine what are the services you are looking for & to map the agency’s strengths to that service. For example, if you are an internet startup based out of Delhi, a key requirement for you could be a Digital Marketing Agency, Delhi that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. On the other hand, if you are a dealer network driven brick & mortar business headquartered in Delhi, an advertising agency, Delhi that has hands on experience in dealing with the print & electronic media & which has existing relationships with publications & broadcasters, will be of relevance, to you.

    Client portfolio- Another major area that you should go over, in choosing an advertising agency, is the portfolio of clients handled by the agency. This will give you a fair idea of their competencies. Interacting with some clients, prior to making the decision to engage the agency, will also give you a fair idea of its strengths & weaknesses.

    Team- It is imperative to go over the credentials of the team. Advertising being a highly knowledge driven business, the success or failure of any campaign depends upon the people who conceptualize it & in turn implement it. The people, if chosen well, can offer a number of relevant suggestions that can, in turn, significantly catapult your business. If you are headquartered out of Delhi, it may be worthwhile to see not just the agency’s overall manpower quality, but also the manpower stationed at the advertising agency Delhi Office.

    Cost- While cost has to play a role in selecting the agency, ensure that you are focusing not on the cost per SE, but on the ROI.

    An advertising agency can clearly shape the nature of your business. Time & effort spent towards forging this crucial alliance, can go a long way in the success of your business.

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