Benefits of hiring an advertising agency

  • “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise”, goes a famous quote by Ted Turner.

    Not only are the benefits of advertising unparalleled, so are the benefits of hiring an advertising agency, in today’s world replete with options competing for the consumer’s time & attention.

    Domain Expertise- The first & foremost benefit of hiring an advertising agency is its expertise in areas related to consumer understanding & market research. By virtue of having experts in the field, the agency understands the pulse of the consumer. This understanding is distilled into an overall brand positioning & also the creative idea, which in turn, forms the cornerstone of the brand communication.

    Brand Building- A very important function performed by an advertising agency is its foresight and ability to build a successful brand on account of the factors listed above. It is the brand strategy developed by the ad agency, that enables brands to remain relevant, build relationships & importantly inspire action. The brand personality developed, as a function of the detailed understanding of the brand, goes a long way in consumer identification with the brand.An important component of the brand building exercise is effective brand communication, which not only tells the audience the benefits of the brand, but also humanizes the brand & endears it with its target audience.

    A successful brand built as a result of the interplay of many factors such as the strength of its core offering, its identified relevant core TG, consistency in brand communication etc, stands the test of time.

    Effective ROI-While the client’s expertise lies in his core business, it is the agency on account of its specialized personnel, who can, not just develop the right communication but also recommend the right platform, in order for the communication to make maximum impact.  A specialized function of the advertising agency in today’s fragmented market is to identify the right media vehicles that are likely to reach out to the target audience with minimum spillover. On account of the research data available with the advertising agency it can recommend the right mix of print, TV radio, digital & other media for effective communication.

    An advertising agency can help the client stretch the value of the rupee as it ensures minimal wastage & spillover by recommending a brand strategy that works best for the brand.Since the ad agencies deal with broadcasters & other media owners for a range of clients, they enjoy the benefits of lower ad rates on account of their bulk buys. A client, on the other hand may not be able to negotiate rates with media owners on a stand alone basis.

    To Sum Up- Importantly, an advertising agency is able to view the business requirements dispassionately from an arm’s length, and offer effective solutions. This is a task that in house marketing departments may not be able to achieve.

    As an extension of the client’s own operation, an effective advertising agency is able to offer inputs not just related to promotion but also related to the other Ps of marketing, namely the product, its pricing & availability. This goes a long way in the commodity transforming into a differentiated product & finally a brand. For information  log on to An Advertising Agency Delhi.