Still here - still learning

  • I am still in radio sales. I was told when I interviewed it was a 25% chance of being around a year. It has been over a year and I have seen all sorts of sales people come and go.  Two hired before me, one hired with me and four hired after me - all gone.  Some people I work with at the station swear I have been here longer, but many times I still feel very new.

    I still have tons to learn, but I have come to a conclusion. I really don't work for the radio station. They might sign my check, but I really work for my clients. I negotiate with the radio station the best possible plan of action that will grow their business. That sometimes means that I have to think what is in the best interest for my clients and not the radio station. I am sure there is a fine line.

    I am having lots of fun and I really do enjoy getting to know my clients. I still get excited when I hear "my" spots on air. I didn't expect to like doing this so much.  Glad

  • Chris Rolando
    Chris Rolando Once you work in Radio... you are spoiled for any other job out there!  Ask any of us old dogs who have been at it over 30 years (closing fast on 40 for me)
    April 2, 2015
  • Les Patterson
    Les Patterson You've learned one of the most valuable lesson in radio sales. This also puts you on the direct track for discovering you really are an independent business person. You own your time, you're completely responsible for growing your business, and generating results for your client. After 18 years I too feel spoiled as Chris Rolando points out. If you haven't yet go through Chris' Radio Boot Camp easily found on YouTube. If you've done less than five times, do it another five. Solid business growing principles. Also, discover Roy H. Williams. 
    April 6, 2015