Bring Ideas, not schedules

  • I have learned that in today’s ad sales world it is much more effective to bring prospects exclusive concepts rather than ad schedules and rates. Back when I worked for ABC/Disney (2000), it was simple, just bring a prospect a spec spot, cume reach and a few sample ad schedules and close some business. Maybe throw in some tickets or promotional items and that was it. Today, business owners are skeptical from the get go. These owners are jumping to how much before a spec spot is even played. I have learned if I bring a creative concept, that happens to be exclusive to their industry, the owners and marketing managers tend to perk up and look past their limited marketing budgets. Example, bring a financial institution a concept where they are the expert giving advice to your listeners and don't be afraid to have one of the other local banks name in the spec spot in their place. I have found business owners are ready to buy solutions and creative rather than frequency and reach. This helps my confidence when pitching the concept because it is original, exclusive and tailored to their industry. Sub consciously i work harder when it is my idea I am selling rather than a general package represented by a one sheet. Think of the following industries: Health Financial Pet Food "There is only room for one it you, or the guy down the street?"
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  • Jamie Aplin
    Jamie Aplin This is honestly part of the reason why we developed the Radio Category at Creative Ready.  We were finding that when we pitched our clients (with our Ad Agency) - that we were losing them in all of the "stats" and "numbers" - so we started going to meetings with full on spec ads and showing them our creative concepts before we even talked numbers.  The clients would be blown away that we had taken the time to write & produce a campaign with them in mind.  It helped closed the deal 90% of the the time.  
    April 13, 2015