Why Radio STILL works for local direct!

  • It’s important to stop and reflect what we do in broadcasting every single day. We have the power to touch countless lives and we do. We, have a power of story and storytelling that most media doesn’t. I say this because as we all are caught up in “let’s get something on” mentality, we have to stop to actually help our clients, “get something done!” Yes it takes more time, but it’s worth it.

    The spots I produced here are what my media consultant guru friend Paul Weyland likes to call, To Sell The Truth. I believe they make us all “Story-Sellers!” These can be the easiest or the hardest spots to produce depending on the client. Luckily this client and I go way back and she trusts me to parlay our time together into something that will move clients to her establishment.

    This week, I had the pleasure of working with Sharon Mays again for her re-launch of her restaurant called Baby Greens. I say relaunch because, for years she advertised using radio but the costs of the city she is located as well as growing too quickly eventually caused her to close her doors a before 2010. 

    The concept is brilliant, a drive though fast food SALAD place. And it’s awesome for vegetarians and carnivores alike.

    Now, she has a much smaller footprint than before, the menu is simpler, (yet just as tasty) and you can get in and out in minutes. 

    This time when she opened however, she did a test. For the first six months of being open, she only did social media marketing. She hired digital marketing agency. Paid huge money for amazing photography, videos and a website. They even hired influencers to peddle her product.

    The following audio was captured during our recording session for the new spots. Sharon describes why she came BACK to traditional advertising, specifically local radio. You will hear the passion Sharon exudes, and how she speaks from the heart. In it the power as an owner telling her story on the only medium she truly says has worked for her in the past. Radio.

    You’ll hear not only her story and why she believes that radio gets her story out better than social media, but the first two spots produced for this campaign for her new location of Baby Greens in Austin, Texas. 

    It’s time to be a “story-seller.” Enjoy, and may you make this day count, more than yesterday!

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    Sharon Mays - Baby Greens - Why Radio Works For Her