Realtors Using Local Radio

  • Back in 2005, well BEFORE the mad rush of people wanting to move to Austin, Peggy and I embarked on selling our home. We started by interviewing potential real estate people and were soon disappointed. We quickly learned that in this industry there are a number of people that seem do dabble, or do it part-time. Between missed appointments, calls not returned, or being contacted by some telling us what our home was worth over the phone without stepping foot in it, we decided to sell it ourselves. 

    And we did. It’s sold in 30 days, without ever hitting the MLS. It was a lot of work but we did it back then, and for well above what we were told we could get by professionals. We also learned that a property would sell for what someone was willing to pay for it. You just have to find that one buyer and we did that successfully though staging, showing and marketing. 

    Fast forward to 2017 after selling our next home in Spicewood and relocating further out to Marble Falls Texas, we decided to reach out again to a broker this time to help us in our search for our next place. To be honest, we were expecting the same experience we had back in 2005. 

    We were pleasantly surprised! We were referred to Suzanne and Dale Brown of Dale Brown Properties by a friend I worked with years before and that I learned lived in our soon to be hometown.

    From our dinner meeting with the Browns, we knew we wanted to work with them. 

    Dale, who has lived in the area his entire life, was the business and numbers side. Facts, figures, immense knowledge of the area. His wife Suzanne and business partner is the bubbly one. The “people” person. Practically effervescent! Marketing is her side of the business.

    You can just tell they complement and complete each other quite well. For their type of business, this is essential, because they ARE their product.

    With them, we found a house in days, not weeks. Of course, Dale knew the owners of the house we were buying. He knew the house. When it was built. Who built it and the story behind the build.

    Suzanne spearheaded communication with us to keep us up to date on what was going on with the purchase, set timelines and schedules and meeting locations, and you guessed correct, assembled the welcome basket with all things local at closing. They BOTH were awesome.

    They both made this huge purchase, pretty much effortless. 

    I bring the Brown’s up because they love what they do and it shows. It was refreshing to work with a team like Dale and Suzanne that care not only for the community in which they live but the clients they have which now includes Peggy and me. It was a nice change from what we experienced back in Austin so many years ago.

    Like most realtors, they rely on quite a bit of word of mouth advertising, which is good but only goes so far. I do like that Suzanne also embraces social media and posts on fun things other than just about work, including life in the community, family (they recently had their first grand-baby), and of course what they do. But like word of mouth, that audience is limited. Also as we heard from Sharon from Baby Greens in my last post, social media doesn’t always translate into transactional business. “A ‘like’ doesn't pay my staff,” said Sharon.

    That’s why I approached both Dale and Suzanne about sharing their story on Radio. To hit multiple people all at once who would be “ON” to their services at the same time, mainly to sell or buy real estate in the area, but really a campaign to also sell Dale Brown Properties. Multiple messages about who they are, and what they are about. More importantly why people should do business with them.

    Yes, and here’s a big one, to also to inform the public that just because you can find a house on the internet, there is so much more to it than seeing the pictures and driving by and THAT’S why they should call them.

    Real estate brokers have taken a hit lately with the advent of so much data available to the home buyer and seller. The pervasive thought seems to be, “why do I need a realtor when I can do it myself?”  Remember we sold our own house back in 2005, yes it can be done, but it was a lot of work and I in marketing for a living. For someone that doesn’t have these skills, it can be a minefield.

    So armed with my trusty digital recorder I went to see Dale and Suzanne in their office, to have a conversation and to just… talk. To capture their story. A relaxed conversation on their turf where they were comfortable with sharing their story. We had a blast just talking about the industry and the area we now call home.

    The following audio is the campaign I came up with for the Browns that runs through fall to reach those that are either moving to the area (which there are A LOT) or for those to take advantage of that Westward migration.

    As in the last post, this campaign is “Story-Selling.”  The first two sixty-second spots address the elephant in the room, about the idea of “why do I need a Realtor?” It also shows their expertise in the area and makes you just want to call them because, in these brief two spots, their personalities both come out. You then know who has what job and what to expect when you reach out to them for their services.

    The second two thirty-second spots are the call to action spots, one for sellers, one for buyers. Notice that both of these shorter messages have Dale and Suzanne voice to personally invite potential clients to reach out and use their services, which directly tie into their other spots that showcase their personalities.

    Let’s take a listen. Do you think you know Dale and Suzanne better after hearing these?



    Realtors Using Radio

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  • Rod Schwartz
    Rod Schwartz Great post, Jim. Enjoyed the spots you created. Would you consider uploading them to the RSC Commercials Library, as well, so that members searching for ideas in the future might easily find them? (To do so, just click on "Commercials" in the menu bar and upload the spots.

    The technique you used, which you also described in your post, is painstaking and time-consuming. But it's so effective!

    I've had the pleasure of working with two Realtor clients over the past ten or fifteen years ( and in both cases, their radio advertising campaigns have been instrumental to their accelerated growth to dominance in the marketplace.

    Radio can work wonders for real estate professionals.
    August 4, 2018