Getting Inside Your Client's World

  • Would you find it helpful to know what spiffs the automobile manufacturers are offering their dealers right now?  That would include factory-to-customer rebates and dealer cash incentives (additional cash bonuses they get for selling certain models), etc. 

    Think you might be able to generate more business from the car dealers in your market, if you were armed with that information?  What if you could obtain that information for less than $0.43 a day?

    Guess what?  You can.  It's available every week in a publication called AUTOMOTIVE NEWS, published by Crain Communications, the same company that publishes ADVERTISING AGE.  Can you think of a reason you would not want to have access to this information?

    Do you call on consumer electronics accounts?  Wouldn't you love to be privy to the same "inside intel" they receive on a regular basis?  You can...and maybe even for free.  Their trade magazine is called DEALERSCOPE.  Your client might even have an extra copy or back issue he'd be willing to give you (with handy free subscription cards inside).

    Is your station in a rural area?  Do your advertising prospects include Farm Chemical Dealers, Tractor and Implement Dealers, or Feed and Seed Dealers?  Would you find it helpful to know the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of every advertising agency that represents the manufacturers and brands associated with these products?  You can get easily obtain this information...again, maybe even subscribing to AGRI-MARKETING MAGAZINE.

    If FURNITURE STORES and HOME FURNISHINGS retailers are high on your prospect list, then a subscription to their trade journal, FURNITURE TODAY, might be worth the investment.

    These are just four examples of resources within easy reach of your station - or your own reach as an enterprising radio advertising sales professional.

    We radio people too often limit our daily intake of "business media" to publications having to do with either radio or sales or advertising.  Nothing wrong with keeping up on our own trades, of course, but the operative word in the previous sentence is "limit."  Why limit ourselves to information about radio and advertising, when there are resources out there that can help us get inside our clients' worlds?

    Yes, we're all strapped for time.  And we're bombarded with way too many newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc. -- more than we have the time or inclination to consume on a regular basis.  But if everyone in your sales department thinks it worth pursuing, perhaps one person could assume responsibility for digesting one "outside" trade journal and disseminating the truly useful information to the rest of the team.  You might have a car expert, a farm expert, an appliance expert, furniture expert, etc.  Think of the advantage this might give you with your advertisers, not to mention the heightened credibility you'll earn by demonstrating familiarity with the important trends in their industry!

    Time is money.  Invest some time to get inside your clients' worlds.

    Knowledge is power.  The more you know, the more effective you are in helping guide the growth of your clients' businesses.

    P.S. If your station is a member of the RADIO ADVERTISING BUREAU, you already have access to a lot of insider research that they've done for you.  Are you using it regularly?