Telling Compelling Stories - Client Testimonials for LASIK provider

  • As radio advertising professionals, our job is to help businesses tell their stories in a way that engages the listener's imagination. 

    This is because the ultimate destination of any advertising message is the consumer's brain, the seat of logic and reason, and more importantly of emotion and will

    As simple as this sounds, here is a profound advertising truth: the act of buying is always preceded by the decision to buy, which takes place between the ears.

    And nothing fuels the imagination quite like a good story communicated by the spoken word.  (Pictures in the mind are always the most real.)

    Sometimes clients will ask us to be "creative" in telling their story. I don't know about you, but my response is always the same:

    I don't create stories; I uncover them. 

    In my experience, the most compelling stories are often about a customer's experience with the advertiser, the truth of the business as seen from the customer's perspective.  For example, listen to this customer of a LASIK practitioner.

    Does her story sound "creative" or contrived to you?  Or does it ring true to life?  Is she authentic?

    One of the keys to making the most of brand-building advertising is consistency.  Successful, enduring brands all have this to their credit.  Think:

    • Intel's use of a mnemonic device: four notes of music corresponding to the four syllables of "Intel Inside," which has been attaching itself to our consciousness since 1991. 
    • Or Hallmark Greeting Cards' famous slogan, "When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best," created by one of their salesmen back in 1944 and used continuously ever since. 
    • Or Tom Bodett's promise for Motel 6 to leave the lights on for us.  Unchanged since 1986.

    Consistency matters.

    So, for our LASIK surgeon, we're building a campaign around patient stories. Here's another.  Different person, different story.

    If you needed LASIK surgery, would you be inclined to feel good about this provider after hearing stories such as these?

    Now, not everyone is a candidate for LASIK. Some folks have conditions that call for other other procedures, such as lens implants.  For example, Rod's story.

    Want to open a productive discussion with a prospective advertiser? Ask these two questions: 

    So, what's your story?  And how are you telling it?