Professional Voice-over $5 | Music Jingle $5 | Graphic Design $5 | Logo Creation $5

  • It was a member's post here at RSC that caught my eye.  William Schenold's status post read:

    “5 DOLLARS! Check me out on FIVERR”

    Intrigued and a bit skeptical, I clicked on the link.

    Sure enough, there he was.

    Chicago-area radio announcer will cut your :30 or :60 second radio commercial for only $5. I am heard on stations all over the U.S. and Canada. Lively, energetic voice who delivers with precision and believable style. I have a professional studio — with the ‘tightest-sounding’ room — and can deliver in one day. YOU MUST PROVIDE A SCRIPT. I DO NOT WRITE SCRIPTS. You’ll get an mp3 or .wav FAST! — and ON-TIME! BROADCAST QUALITY GUARANTEE!

    Now, I have a few friends who make their living as voice-over artists, and I’m pretty sure that none of them works for five bucks a pop.

    I also know a bunch of Radio production guys and gals. For them, five bucks a spot can add up to $50-100 an hour, provided they can get enough work – and that’s an attractive perk.  Evidently, this is what Bill Schenold is thinking.

    A quick glance at the voiceover/narration directory at Fiverr revealed page after page of posts from people willing to sell their small service for five bucks.  Well, four bucks net, after paying what amounts to a 20% commission to Fiverr.

    Other specialties offered at the site include graphic design, logo creation, musical jingles, translation services, speech-writing, market research…more than 100 specific services are listed, in addition to all the things that fall under the heading of “Other.”

    Have to admit, I’m curious to see what five bucks buys in some of these categories. Seriously, logo creation for $5?  Really??

    Sellers of services aren’t the only ones with Fiverr accounts.  There’s also a list of requests from service-seekers:

    • swing_line needs:1940s – 70s looking drawing and/or graphics for banner and more

    • thementalhealth needs:Promote a charity project on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

    • foxyroxy63 needs:voice over a video in the voice of David Letterman

    • marketman needs:Create advertising video with desktop computer as a prop

    • swg1cor14 needs:assist in finishing a hotel/flight booking engine. Just the design and layout

    • dinobia needs:Create an app for my UK hair salon using AirBop.

    • surprised needs:instruct how to add a border to my page and fit my header on my website

    The creators of seem to be doing very well with their inventive service. Evidently, so are some of the people offering their services there.  According to one testimonial, “To say Fiverr changed my life is a huge understatement.”

    fiverr_logo-This is going to be one to watch, for sure. Betcha five bucks they’re on to something.

  • Rod Schwartz
    Rod Schwartz @Jennifer Bliss - wonder how many members of the Spot Exchange might be inclined to get on board with this?
    January 23, 2013
  • Russ
    Russ Typed "fiverr" into the search bar at Google.  Google dutifully offered "fiverr reviews" as a choice, so I clicked on that.  My instincts in general is you get what you pay for.  For some services that can be quickly rendered, like good, solid dry reads, I think it might be a good thing. 

    But for some of the other services offered on the Fiverr site, like graphic design or "write a review" I'd be a little dubious.  Reviews of Fiverr customer service seem mixed at best. As a provider, transaction costs (per some of the reviews I've read, so my knowledge here is NOT first-hand) can eat into your $4 net per gig even more, especially if you only have one or two gigs every 2 week period, which is I believe is as often as you can request payment. 
    If you can achieve a lot of gigs in a two week period, this could be a good deal.  And if you already have your studio established, this could provide some supplemental income, like (YourCity) Help Wanted dot com does to fill in unsold time.  But otherwise, I'd stay away...I'm sure not going to set up a home studio just to be a Fiverr provider.
    January 25, 2013
  • Chris Rolando
    Chris Rolando Being that I can voice track a 30 and save and email it in about 3 minutes.... I personally would take all of the $5 do work that I could get!  At just 10 ads per hour...give me  a 5 hour day and I have made 250 bucks.  If I could get get enough work to keep me busy 4 days a week... I am making 52k per year in my jammies!  $5 per ad....more than fair!
    January 27, 2013