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Advertising Advice for Donald Trump

  • Hillary Clinton has amassed a larger war chest for advertising than her opponent. She's planning to buy a lot of TV advertising. This led me to wonder, if I were in a position to advise Donald Trump on his advertising, what advice would I give? 

    Here's what I would say: "Hillary's got more money to spend. She's buying TV. If you really want to offset her financial advantage, do these five things."

    1. Buy radio instead of TV.
            God's gift to radio is that people are born without earlids (Tony Schwartz). You'll reach more people, more effectively, for less money.
            Radio's ROI proven greater than TV's. (Here's the research:
            Radio ads can't be skipped like TV ads. They're part of the program.
            Radio is the #1 reach medium in America.
            Radio is the best way to reach Millennials (!)
            Remember Paul Harvey?  Check this:

    2. Use the voices of ordinary people, excerpted from real conversations (NOT scripted!) to convey that masses of Americans are supporting you, because they're tired of dirty politics.

    Here's an example:
    Here's another:              

    3. "Trump" Hillary's TV ads. Co-opt her ad spend by ending some of your most resonant radio commercials with a recall cue like this: "So next time you see a TV ad for Hillary, remember how she loves to distort the truth. And tell her right to her face, "I'm voting for Trump."

    4. Quit yelling all the time. You missed an opportunity to convey "presidentiality" in your response to Mr. Khan's speech at the Democratic convention. Had you said, simply: "Mr. Khan, I join with the rest of America in expressing my deepest gratitude for your son's service to his country, and for his heroic sacrifice. But I have to tell you, it pains me that anyone would want to cheapen his heroism by turning it into a political football. And that's all I'm going to say." you would have enjoyed a far different result from the backlash that followed your actual comments.

    5. Be relentless. Start now. Don't quit. Take a cue from Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Use the time between now and the election to reassure and impress the American people deeply - this is particularly important where the undecided voters are concerned. Craft messages that will resonate with them.

    Take these five points to heart, Mr. Trump, and wield the power of radio to your advantage.

    Honestly, isn't this the same advice we'd give any client?

    What advertising advice would you give him?