Keeping It Fresh for 30 Years

  • Many communities have their special annual events. Here in Pullman, Washington, ours is The National Lentil Festival, celebrating its 30th anniversary this weekend. 

    I've had the pleasure of creating many of the festival's radio commercials over the years. It's always a challenge to keep things fresh from year to year, but my goal has always been to make the commercials entertaining and fun, like the festival itself. (More than a few of these spots also have won awards, an added perk.) 

    To commemorate this year's milestone anniversary, I suggested to NLF director Britnee Packwood that it might be fun to revisit some of these older commercials, and she agreed.

    Using snippets of spots from previous years, I employed the old audio contrivance of someone changing radio channels, with each "station stop" landing on a different festival-related sound bite. The suggestion, of course, is that everyone is talking about The National Lentil Festival. They turned out better than expected.

    Interested in hearing how we've kept it fresh and fun? You'll find a bunch of those spots posted here