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Local Appliance Dealer's Radio Campaign for April 1st...

  • The fellow on the right owns a local appliance/bedding/TV store.

    Obviously, he knows how to have a good time.

    He's also a model radio advertiser. 

    His commercials run daily throughout the year on a number of local radio stations. He (primarily) and his business partner (less frequently) voice their own commercials, selling products by providing solutions to consumer problems. They've been doing this for so long now (at least 10 years) that they've become well-known in the market.

    Last year we created a special series of commercials to run on April 1st.  Though they were written and produced in the same style as all their other spots, the content was decidedly different (listen to samples below). 

    Running twice an hour, all day long, to the amusement of listeners, these commercials resulted in lots of friendly phone calls and visits from customers.  We'll never know the extent to which the campaign directly contributed to a record private sale the following month, but we think it probably helped. 

    We're working on a sequel for this year.


    Here are three samples for your enjoyment:










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  • Debra Carpenter What a great idea!  I laughed out loud at the pet dryer ad......nice work.