Yo All Christmas Music Stations...You're killin me!

  • Hey I love the Holidays, I was Santa for years and have always tried to remain a child a heart. I love the Special Holiday music around the season. HOWEVER there are some artists and groups that should never try to sing Christmas music! I have been listening to about three different stations in two markets...YO...YOU GUYS ARE KILLIN ME! I found one song so annoying I changed to another all Christmas station. Hey, I get the audience growth deal...but I believe you may find in this ppm world that you won't get your precious quarter hours... if your Music director simply sorted by title ie...if it says Christmas I play it cause it give me variety. How about a little thought here...and that means more than Elton John's step into Christmas every two hours. I could pull out my Holiday albums from years back and do as well as some Music Directors have...and I'm in sales! However I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS...I LOVE HOLIDAY MUSIC...And I will put in my ol holiday cd's if you insist on exposing me to down right BAD holiday songs. I may have to to come up with a "new" brand your Christmas Memories Music station. Huh? Your "Quality" Christmas Music Station...Have a good one.