Our business owners love this and the nuts are quiet.

  • Our business owners love this and the nuts are quiet.

    I know.  I know. there are some really rude people out there.  

    Here you are with a small business. trying to support your family and your employees, dealing with government regulations and navigating an uncertain economy.  Then, along comes a know-it-all, who has never run a business and thinks they know anything about service, and begins to hammer you on social media unfiltered, unchecked and mostly with bad grammar.  

    They don’t care that you have been losing sleep trying to make your small business survive the slings and arrows of doing business in the 21st century.  In fact their biggest joy would be to see you fail and then wonder who is going to pony up a donation for their kid's soccer team. Their ignorant rants go unchecked and are even encouraged by the irresponsible owners of these sites.  


    What to do.  Well, Fightback!  Call us here at Murphy Broadcasting and we will show you how to fight these unfair posts by delivering a message that is unfettered by disgruntled employees, competitors or some guy with a laptop and no life holding you hostage by threatening blackmail to give you a bad rating.  Don’t take this lying down.

  • Rick Murphy
    Rick Murphy Rest of spot:

    Since the first commercial was aired on KDKA in 1919, local radio has been a friend of their communities allowing you to say what you want to say without having to have it picked apart by some ill meaning third party.   The media is your friend.  We are here to deliver your message uncensored, unedited and delivered precisely as you want.  No one can hijack your message in any meaningful way. it is just delivered perfectly.  That’s RADIO.
    November 17, 2015
  • Rod Schwartz
    Rod Schwartz Rick, would love to hear the audio version!
    November 20, 2015
  • Damon Collins
    Damon Collins Kind of a related sidebar: I would be careful with a negative social ad campaign (even if it is the suggests the negative points of social marketing). I just sold a client by reinforcing their newspaper circular ad, and social marketing (Facebook page). I told them mentioning all marketing (including radio) would bring more awareness to their sales and promotions. Remember the advertiser usually sets up the ads and pages. The end result was a 3 month radio agreement.  
    November 22, 2015