Successful Sales Meetings

  • We have sales meetings every Wednesday morning. Since we have six radio stations broadcasting from Moscow Idaho and Pullman Washington Inland Northwest Broadcasting), plus three sister stations in Lewiston Idaho, (Idavend Broadcasting) we alternate locations for the meeting weekly. This gives us a chance to know each other better and to share many diverse ideas. Very often, we choose a topic and have the Marketing Consultant make a presentation on it. For example, one time I was asked to make a presentation to the team on copy writing. I had each of them write a 30-second commercial for Kleenex facial tissues. Then they had to record the commercial themselves on their phones. Kleenex, of course is one of the "generisized" brands whose names are often synonymous with the product itself. Of course, others are Xerox, BandAid, and so on. They couldn't use any of the Kleenex current slogans or positioning statements. They had to create their own. We went over the many basics of creative copy writing. Then the meeting: Everyone explained why they wrote what they did, and we listened to the commercials of each person. They were fabulous. We all laughed and learned a lot. Because commercials are our product. And going to a client for a presentation with no commercials is like Wyatt Erp going to the OK Corral with no ammo. :) And it put them in the position to know what the production department does on their end. Other topics have included: Do we know our competition? Do we know our own stations? How do we prospect? How to cold call and the problems you run in to. Everyone feels a part of the team. Radio works.