Banners or Buyers?

  • I don't know about the other folks here in the Radio Sales Cafe, but as the Internet Sales Manager, I am faced with a barrage of inquiries about banners and cheap CPMs. As most of you probably realize, most radio station sites are not exactly a pageview factory. Our stations are very targeted, and so is the audience that visits our website.

    Marketers and Agencies desparately seeking to quantify and control new media in the same manner they do with the old media treat banners as a commodity create very measured ways to buy them -- they negotiate a cost-per-pound (excuse me, a cost-per-thousand) and buy them in bulk across any website that can deliver the massive numbers at the cheapest rates. Most of the messages are generic and the creative is intrusive (pop-ups, pop-unders, sliders, overlays, expandables, etc.) and the results are miserable, frequently only delivering clicks at (or below) the results received from junk mail... no wonder there's been such a resurgence in Direct Mail marketing.

    Radio more than any other legacy media needs to step forth and lead the way in delivering results beyond the banner, or else accept that after you fight for pennies-per-impression your advertiser is going to look back at the end of the campaign and say "they tried advertising on your website and it didn't work" and you'll never see another new media dollar from them again. Just as you wouldn't let a client buy a spot schedule you knew simply wasn't enough frequency to get them results, so should you stand firm in strategies for delivering better results with your online campaigns.

    To that end, I created a website for the use of my own sales team that explains the weaknesses of traditional banner-only advertising vs. a well-planned and executed campaign designed to deliver real and measurable results. After all, at the end of the campaign will your client have preferred to spend their marketing dollars on Banner or Buyers?

    Please visit for more information.

    ~Don The Idea Guy Snyder, Director of Results

    Internet Sales Manager for RadiOhio, Inc.