Independence Day (July 4th)


  • Here's a neat way to add to your July 4th billing!

    “Founders of Our American Republic” – This campaign includes twenty (20) engaging, one-minute profiles of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

    Demo here:

    Whether you sell sponsorships to several different advertisers, or you sell the entire series to one or two exclusive sponsors, it's a great way to tie in to the holiday and bring in some extra July cash.

    Top prospects include banks, S&Ls, CPAs, investment firms, law firms, medical offices, insurance agencies, plumbing/heating/electrical/landscaping contractors, museums and historical societies, patriotic business owners and/or political candidates (the features are non-partisan in nature, but certainly celebrate the values and vision of our nation’s founding fathers)

    Click here for more information:


  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: "We had across the board sponsors [for the Independence Day campaign]: Furniture, Insurance, Gun Store, Casino, Sheet Metal Contractor, Concrete Mix Co., Fire Extinguisher, Bank ... on and on ... it went well for us.” Mary Wakefield, SM, KDLY/KOVE

    “Our sales team was tasked with selling the vignettes of Celebrate America the week before July 4. The vignettes were well paired with our God and Country themed radio station and were an easy sell to our advertisers. Through this promotion we were able to generate almost 550% ROI! We look
    forward to additional themed boosters in the future from Grace Broadcasting Sales.” - Tim Holden Station Manager 93.7 WDJC

    “The Independence Day campaign went well; we made what we had hoped to. We sold seven sponsorships for a total of $2500, which was a good
    return on our investment.” – Joel Swanson, GM, Paul Bunyan Broadcasting
    • Jun 1