National Bible Week


  • Celebrated annually during the week of Thanksgiving since 1941, National Bible Week is intended to raise interest in the value and importance of reading the Bible, and so provide a meaningful start to the religious holiday season. It's a natural and timely opportunity to plan a promotion with churches, Christian schools, bookstores, and Christian business people.

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  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: “The National Bible Week series is easy to sell; it’s one of the best phone campaigns that we do!  We offer one price for advertisers who simply want tags (such as a church inviting our listeners to their Sunday service) and another price for advertisers who want a full :30-second ad to let people know about their specials.  We always get a minimum of 10-15 sponsors, more if other sales reps are helping me.  This is an EASY sell, and so is the National Day of Prayer campaign in the spring.”  -- Nancy Hutcheson, WIFO, Jesup, GA
    “The Bible Week features worked out well.  We sold about ten different sponsors.  The price was pretty good, and the campaign was something a little different – our advertisers and listeners enjoyed it.   Without sounding so “churchy,” if I may call it that, many of our clients appreciated this approach to let their clients know how they felt about our country, “our” American roots – and how we were established as one nation under God.  I tied it into being thankful.” – Rosie Tovar, KXOX, Sweetwater, TX
    • June 27, 2014