High School Graduation


  • High school graduation provides a fantastic opportunity to increase your station’s May/June billing! Many businesses are glad for a chance to show their support for the young people in the community, and our Salute to the Class of 2019 campaign makes it easy for you to put together a profitable, great-sounding promotion. While any community-minded business is a prospect, here are some categories you may want to target: car/truck dealerships, bike shops, florists, printing/copying businesses, party supplies stores, gift stores/boutiques, jewelers, bookstores, clothing stores, sporting goods stores, any business offering gifts for graduation, restaurants/bakeries/catering services, insurance agencies, banks, NTR prospects (doctors, dentists, attorneys, CPAs, etc.), any business that placed a graduation ad in the special section of the newspapers last year.

    For demos & details, click here: https://gracebroadcast.com/sales-boosters/holidays/salute-to-the-class-of-2019/


  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: What our customers have told us:

    “We sold the salutes to 18 sponsors, some of whom mentioned the names of graduates who worked for them in their messages. Our sponsors included Madison Hardware, Liberty Tax, a grocery store, a health group, and a hospital. The graduate messages provided an opportunity for the businesses to support the community and to tie in to various themes and promotions they were offering. For instance, the shipyard Vigor Alaska emphasized maritime careers, and a hair salon advertised getting ready for senior pictures, as well as a larger life’s special moments theme in preparing for the wedding season.” - Julie Lekwauwa, KFMJ/Ketchikan AK

    “The high school graduation salutes worked out well. We sold sponsorships for between $125 and $200, and we made $6200 in all.” – Don Enochs, WZLT, Lexington, TN

    “The grad salutes always do great. It’s lots of phone work, but that’s all it takes – a call, ‘Here’s what it costs,’ and ‘Yes, sign us up.’” – Doug Langston, station manager, KDST, Dyersville, IA

    “The high school graduate salutes sold well; they more than paid for themselves, and they really helped us make our May billing.” – Ron Geiger, GM of WFFF in Columbia, MS

    “We sold about 20 sponsorships for the high school graduation salutes; it worked out to a 9 to 1 return on investment. Anytime I can do a 7 to 1 ROI or better, I’m happy.” – Dale Powers, sales manager, WOLD FM/WZVA FM, Marion, VA

    Carla at WEGP in Presque Isle ME shared their success with us: they used our graduate salutes to sell sponsorships to 15 area businesses, including a hair salon, car dealer, grocery store, and tractor supply place.

    Teresa at WBCH shared their success using our contemporary graduate salutes; they sold 19 sponsorships, including a bank, marina, NAPA store, jeweler, realtor, and pharmacy, among others.

    "I've used several of your offers but I consistently have good luck in using the Grad salutes as well as Thanksgiving Christmas and New Years.. I have advertisers who use these as the only way to thank their customers as well as recognize our youth. They are professionally done and add to our programming. Thank you for your services..." Irene Robinson, KWCL-FM, Oak Grove, LA
    • March 12, 2019
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  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: From Richard “Chip” Lynn, WLNT Radio:
    You might want to let stations know that it’s a HUGE money maker to use these sponsored vignettes to lead up to broadcasting High School Graduation live on the radio.  Last year, WLNT added an additional $500 to our bottom line from two exclusive sponsors who purchased the live broadcast from 2 local high schools.  Not bad for one day’s work!!!!  PS….we also repeated the broadcast a couple of times so the Grads could hear their names on the radio.  This is a great way to build a relationship with the community and the schools!  It shows that your station really does care about the community.”
    • March 23, 2012