Memorial Day


  • May 27 is Memorial Day. America owes a debt of gratitude to all her sons and daughters who have served in the armed forces. Let us never forget their sacrifices.

    In honor of Memorial Day, GBS offers "Above & Beyond," a series of :60-second features that tell the inspiring stories of recipients of the Medal of Honor throughout our nation's history. Click here to listen to a demo:

    Given the broad appeal of these patriotic vignettes, any business is a prospect; if you know local business owners that are former or current military members, they may be especially interested in sponsoring the features. Funeral homes and monument companies, as well as NTR prospects, are also good sponsorship options.

    "I’ve used Grace Broadcasting for years and I find their products have great quality and value. My most recent purchase was for the 2017 Above & Beyond Memorial Day Tribute. For an investment of just $189 we were able to secure 37 customers with a billing revenue of $9,520. I only wish my retirement account gave me this kind of return! Thanks to Heather and the Grace Broadcasting team for coming up with products that serve both our advertisers and listeners." - Matt Johnson, General Sales Manager, W.R.D. Entertainment, Inc., Batesville, Arkansas


  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: Just heard from one of our customers in New Mexico.  If you're looking for a last-minute cash infusion for May, the Above & Beyond Memorial Day campaign could be the ticket!:
    “Who did I sell the Memorial Day campaign to?  Everyone I played a demo for!  Here’s the backstory:  I wanted to run with the campaign, but my sales team was balking; they didn’t think they could sell it.  So even though I’m the owner and don’t typically make sales calls, I took the demo out and presented it to some prospects.  In one day, I had five sponsorships lined up: an insurance agency, a furniture store, a carpet store, a car dealership, and a custom embroidery business.  I went back to my sales team and said, ‘Shut it.’  These campaigns are easy to sell – how can anyone not do well with them?” – Steve Rooney, owner of Rooney Moon Broadcasting
    • May 15, 2013