Summer's Here!


  • Summer's here . . . what promotions are you planning? Work with your local travel agency to do a summer vacation giveaway. Team up with area merchants to hold one or several contests with summer-themed prizes (items for a day at the beach, a season pass to the local swimming pool or golf course, a deluxe barbecue set for the patio, etc.). Have entry forms at each of the participating businesses and give them plenty of on-air mentions. Offer sponsorships of summer safety tips, boating and water safety tips, bike safety tips, or safe driving tips to area hospitals and medical offices, insurance agencies, and local businesses.

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  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: I've talked to two clients, one in NC, the other in VA, who sold sponsorship of the GBS Summer Safety Campaign to local hospitals . . . and we also heard from a radio station that did $56,000 in advertising with this series - talk about a good ROI!
    • June 17, 2011
  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: Recently heard from a client in Virginia who sold sponsorship of summer safety tips to a local orthopedic surgery practice . . . if you have a similar client in your area, might be worth giving them a call! (Physical therapy clinics would be good prospects for this sort of promotion, too.)
    • June 8, 2010