Tax Season - Tax Tips


  • Tax season is now through April 15th, and GBS has an easy, proven way to get your CPAs and tax preparation offices on the air!

    Click here to check out our series of ten CPA-approved tax tips:

    Each has a short intro and a longer body (about 25 seconds) with the actual tip.  Simply insert your sponsor's :30-second commercial between them, and you have an engaging, self-contained :60-second feature! 

    One of our clients in Utah, KCYN/KCPX in Moab, used our demo to sell a large ad package (about $2500) to the local H&R Block franchise; the franchise had exclusive sponsorship of the tips, and ran them through the tax season. 

    Tax preparers are a natural fit, of course, but other prospects include financial planners, accounting firms, banks, credit unions, savings & loans, even retailers wanting to position themselves as advocates for their customers.

    Click here for more information:


  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: One of our clients just reported:
    “We sold the tax tips to a tax preparer’s office, and our client had so many new customers from running the ads that he asked our station if he could sponsor the tax tips again this year.” –  Oliver Araiza, WVGV, West Union, WV
    • January 29, 2015
  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: Just heard this from a client yesterday:

     “We’ve used the IRS tax tips before, but they promote filing online – which doesn’t work so well for an accountant or a tax preparation firm to sponsor. So we really appreciate the tax tips that GBS...  more
    • January 8, 2014