2 Ideas for Getting Optometrists on the Air


  • According to an RAB email, "...Optical stores roll into high season in March and April.... Optical store sales drop slightly during May and June, then rise noticeably in July and August with Back to School specials. Sales then drop slightly down again in September before reaching their lowest sales months in October and November (and February).  The run of higher sales from Spring through Fall lends itself to a 6-month advertising campaign for optical shops in your market; leveraging a variety of brands' co-op funding to support their advertising on your station."

    Here are two great ways to get your local optometrists and vision centers on the air (or increase their current schedules):  

    1) Here's Looking at You: Eye Health Tips
    Each of these features includes a short open and a tip (approximately :25 seconds).  All you have to do is insert your sponsor's :30-second commercial in between, and you have an engaging, self-contained :60-second feature. The series covers a range of eye health topics:  eye strain, workplace safety, the importance of sleep, and more. Demo & details here: https://gracebroadcast.com/sales-boosters/school/eye-health-tips/

    2) Ask Your Eye Care Professional
    A proven Q&A branding campaign that our owner, Rod, developed for his client, Dr. James DeVleming, that has been running successfully for twenty years. Demo & details here: https://gracebroadcast.com/sales-boosters/year-round/ask-your-eye-care-professional/


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