Ask Your Eye Care Professional


  • One optometrist in a town of 30,000.
    One idea for a radio branding campaign.
    Over $250,000 in billing (and counting).
    ...And You Can Do This On Your Station! Here's How:

    Back in 1995 Rod created a radio campaign for Dr. James P. DeVleming called "Ask Dr. DeVleming." The premise was simple: listeners were invited to send in their questions on vision and eye health, which he would answer in his :60-second radio spots.

    The spots began airing a couple times daily, with copy changes every three weeks or so. Within just a few months’ time, Dr. DeVleming had established his position as the area’s leading authority on eye care. And he's been running these messages on radio ever since, every week for twenty-three years (and counting).

    This is a concept that any eye care professional (ECP) can implement successfully. There’s just one stumbling block: many practitioners find it difficult to carve out the time needed for research and writing.

    But now we’re going to eliminate that objection and enable you to put together this time-proven campaign for one of your ECP clients. We’ve collaborated with Dr. DeVleming to offer you the same scripts that have helped him build his practice, customized for your client. All you have to do is invite your client to record the scripts in your production studio and then produce the finished spots.

    Once you have them on the air with this branding campaign, they’re bound to stay on the air with you, year after year after year! Get started today by downloading the pre-recorded sample feature (link below) to play for your prospect.

    For more information and the demo, click here:

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