Celebrate America!


  • One of our clients in AZ asked if we could put together a campaign that focuses on what makes America great, and could be run throughout July.  This series is the result, and we designed it to be aired at any time during the year.  From her natural beauty to her innovators to her humanitarian efforts, there are many reasons to celebrate America! 

    Click here to listen to a demo: https://gracebroadcast.com/sales-boosters/year-round/celebrate-america/

    Each 30-second feature is followed by 30 seconds of music. You can sell a full 30-second adjacency to one sponsor, or you can break up the adjacency into two or three parts, selling 10- or 15-second tags to non-competing sponsors and piggybacking them after the feature.

    Any America-loving business owner is a prospect . . . don’t forget to offer sponsorships to political candidates, NTR prospects, legal and medical offices, car and truck dealerships, banks and financial institutions, museums and historical societies, etc.

    “The Celebrate America! campaign sold very well. We sold liners and ran the spots on the week of July 4th. We had seven sponsors, and each package was $200-$300.” – Mary Clites, GM, WCBC Radio, Cumberland, MD.

What's New

  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt: Just heard from DeAnna Walker, operations manager of KGVY in Green Valley, AZ. She received this note from one of her listeners:
    "...The other thing that is getting much positive buzz is your 'Celebrate America' theme on KGVY 1080 AM. We all needed that...  more
    • August 3, 2016