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The 12 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising (VoD) **Pure Gold!**

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    August 31, 2012 1:08 PM PDT

    This Roy Williams classic is quite possibly the most valuable "short study" in advertising today.

    I've watched this 40-minute presentation dozens of times, literally, most often with an advertising prospect or client with whom I wanted to get on the same page as quickly as possible, concerning the highest and best use of their advertising dollars. I have never had a client tell me it was not worth their time to watch the presentation.

    Likewise, I have encouraged prospective clients in distant markets to purchase the video prior to consulting with them, as a way of shortening the time it takes to arrive at a meeting of the minds concerning their advertising.

    Whenever I have done this, I have also offered to pay for the video if they did not agree it was worth the money they paid for it. No one has ever asked for his money back.  Ever.

    If your only exposure to this presentation has been in the pages of Roy's book, I urge you to get the video and watch it...several times.  (After all, repetition is the mother of learning.)  The better your understanding of what works in advertising, what doesn't work, and why, the better resource you'll be for your client, and the better ambassador you'll be for Radio.

    You won't be disappointed.



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    September 7, 2012 8:12 AM PDT


    This video is part of my standard training program for new sellers.  The whole series is Great!