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Is this something radio sales people would be interested in?

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    April 1, 2016 1:04 PM PDT

    **I added one of our client radio spots and a study done about radio adverting with vanity numbers***


    Hi Everyone,

    I came across Radio Sales Café while researching an idea for my telecommunications firm. We specialize in vanity phone numbers and many of our clients advertise on radio (i.e., vanity numbers are phone numbers that spell a word). Occasionally we will work with their radio contact on a script or to help setup call tracking options for their campaign. The benefit of using a vanity number is that they are incredibly easy to remember and because of this our clients generate more calls from their radio spots than they do with a random number or URL. A good example is our client in Atlanta. It’s an orthodontic practice with 22 locations. They got 1-866-GET-BRACES from us to use in their radio advertising.  Before 1-866-GET-BRACES they had used a repeater tracking number and then tried a URL. Both did not produce the results they wanted so they tried 1-866-GET-BRACES. Now they are generating substantially more calls than before and continue to advertise on radio (Their marketing director estimates about 16x more calls).

    We typically sell directly to businesses who then choose how they want to advertise their new vanity number. But I think that there might be an opportunity working directly with radio sales people by offering them access to our vanity numbers. The radio sales people could use their access to stand out from their competitors. They could use the vanity numbers as something extra that might persuade a business to advertise or keep a client if they are thinking about stopping. For example, if a salesperson was trying to get to a Chevy dealership to advertise they could mention that they have 1-800-CHEVY-CARS for them to use in their radio spot.

    The reason why I am reaching out to the RSC forum is to see what forum members think of the idea and if there's a way to work directly with radio sales people? I don’t know how to contact the right people in radio or where to start. We are not trying to spam the forum or sell to the people here, just trying to learn more and maybe have some conversations.

    I hope this explanation proves satisfactory and I look forward to any feedback you might have. If you have any questions feel free to call or email. 


    Bruno Tabbi
    Ignition Toll-Free

    800.787.6647 EXT 2


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    April 8, 2016 8:37 AM PDT


    Giving phone numbers in radio ads has become less important these days due to the ability for us as consumers to simply ask Siri or Google to connect us with a business.

    I don't even know the phone numbers for my clients or kids.  They are programmed into my phone.

    I suggest taking your idea a step further.  Marry the Vanity phone number with the website url.

    Looking at your Vanity number  1-800-STRONG-SALES .  Now use that also as your website  It's currently available.

    Now you have a stronger two-fold business model. You don't need to sell this to radio people, you can market this directly to businesses.

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    April 9, 2016 7:13 AM PDT


    Thanks for the input! We do that with many of our brands. For example, one of our numbers is 1-888-FENCING for fencing contractors. The corresponding URL is

    Regarding your comments as to phone numbers and their relevance today I can attest that vanity numbers are extremely effective and in a world of non-stop twitter handles, URLS and texting short codes, something solid like 1-800-MORE-SLEEP can really stick in a person's mind. 

    If you have a moment check out some of the studies about our numbers;

    Thanks again,


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    May 6, 2016 6:19 AM PDT


    I had an opportunity to speak with a dozen or so sales managers and everyone was pretty positive about the idea. Now we just need to create a structure that can integrate into the radio sales process seamlessly. I kicked around the idea of letting their clients use a number for a nominal fee initially to show them how much better their response would be. 

    Any other ideas on how and when to offer these numbers to clients or businesses you are pitching? Any input is greatly appreciated. 

    Thanks everyone.