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Great New Sales Book: Breakthrough Prospecting

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    June 17, 2017 2:37 PM PDT

    If you need to get your new direct numbers up, today's the day to take action.


    • If you're having trouble finding good leads...
    • If you're struggling to convince prospects to meet with you...
    • If you can't seem to turn your first meetings into sales...
    • If you just can't stand cold calling...'s something to help you turn things around. It's a book perfect for radio sellers -- Breakthrough Prospecting: Jumpstart Your Media Sales Career and Make the Income You Deserve.


    On Monday, June 26, I'll make Breakthrough Prospecting available to everyone at $14.95. But until then, you can snag your digital copy for just $9.95 -- a 33% savings off the regular price.

    Who Is This Book For?

    Any radio salesperson at any level will find useful, actionable tips that will generate new direct money fast.

    Having said that, there's one group in particular this book is designed for:

    AE's who've been doing this for three years or less -- and the managers who work with them.


    Click HERE to Buy and Download Your Copy Now!


    This exclusive discount expires at Midnight Pacific Time Sunday, June 25!


    CLICK HERE to Grab Your Digital Copy Now!


    Breakthrough Prospecting is the result of thousands of hours beating the bushes to find good prospects, get in front of them, and get them to buy. Every technique in the book has been road-tested and refined by me -- and by salespeople and sales managers I've trained all over the United States.

    These secrets have turned flailing, miserable account executives into sales machines... Now, it’s YOUR turn to put them to work!

    You'll learn:

    • 5 places to find great leads right now...including at least one you've forgotten, and two you've never used before.
    • A battle-tested call opening that will turn "Not interested" into "Tell me more!"
    • A comprehensive list of questions you MUST ask at the first meeting if you want to bring back a plan that'll make 'em buy.
    • A proven 3-step method to get the client to give you their advertising budget -- and tell you where they're spending it!

    Don't just take my word for it. Here's what people are saying about Breakthrough Prospecting:


    Tracey Jones

    "I love "Doctor" Phil because he has a system for selling that he uses with relentless consistency and it works!  And you can now have the benefit of his much-tested system by reading his easy to follow, practical guide and start putting it to use. 

    You'll close a lot more business, guaranteed!"

    Tracey Jones, VP/General Manager (Retired)
    WHSV-TV, Harrisonburg VA
    Ad Director, Dolphin Cove Advertising



    Sue Layton

    "Where was this book when I started? Every sales manager should make Phil’s book required reading for all new AE’s.”

    Sue Layton, Marketing Drill Sergeant
    WTHR-TV, Indianapolis



    Rod Schwartz

    "Phil Bernstein has written a remarkable volume for anyone who wants to start (or jump-start) a successful career in media advertising sales. It's a deceptively easy read, sprinkled with anecdotes and lessons he's learned throughout his own enviable career. But don't let that "easy" part fool you into thinking this book is fluff. 

    Far from it. 

    Phil has packed each page with content that you can use immediately to write your own success story. He's distilled decades of personal study and application in the field into a blueprint for success, that rivals anything I've read in this category regardless of length. 

    Just buy it already (and hope your competition doesn't)."

    Rod Schwartz

    Founder, Radio Sales Cafe

    Radio Advertising Sales/Marketing Professional and Award Winning Ad Writer at Grace Broadcast Sales





    This discount offer expires at Midnight Pacific Time Sunday, June 25. At 12.01 AM June 26 the price goes back to $14.95!

    So don't wait. Download your copy of Breakthrough Prospecting: Jumpstart Your Media Sales Career and Make the Income You Deserve for just $9.95 today!


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