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Commercial Twists on The Familiar

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    January 10, 2018 3:28 PM PST

    You give your stories power when you tap into the familiar in the lives of your listeners.  Much of our shared experience in the twenty-first century is in the form of audio. 

    Creating a radio commercial based on these sound experiences can establish resonance with your audience and give you some great opportunities for humor…if you deliver a twist on the familiar.

    Let audience know soon that it’s a parody fairly soon into the story.

    A talking toy with an attitude, a car navigation system that makes personal comments about the driver, a discount store price check that mentions lower prices at the advertiser’s store, a disclaimer that takes up the entire commercial…there are endless possibilities.  OK, not endless, but quite a few.

    Here are some suggested references:

    Airline pilots’ announcements

    Flight attendants’ instructions

    Elevator voice prompts

    Talking toys

    Video games

    Computer voices

    Discount stores P.A. announcements: price checks, lost children, etc.

    Fast Food Drive In speakers

    Airport announcements – bags, smoking, flights

    GPS navigation voice

    Voice mail – preprogrammed announcements

    On-hold announcements

    Store or mall closing announcements

    Instructional audio

    Public transportation exit announcements

    On-stage concert announcements

    Hotel wake up calls

    Political candidates – mobile loudspeaker announcements

    Public radio sponsorships

    Pre-recorded telemarketing

    On-air equal time apologies


    Supermarket clerks asking for a price check

    School p.a. announcements: menus, daily activities

    Hospital paging

    Carnival barker

    Ringside boxing announcer

    Sports play-by-play

    Each of the above is begging to be parodied, so answer the call, and do the twist.

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