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Wanted: Radio Sales Rep for nationally-syndicated radio show

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    July 18, 2018 9:18 AM PDT

    Gday! I'm an independent syndicator - the creator/host of a weekly, three-hour traditional country music radio show based here in Arkansas, USA (

    We're on air in a couple of rated markets (Colorado Springs, CO. and Pueblo, CO. - pop. 600,000), as well as Lompoc, CA (pop. 45,000) and Big Spring, TX (pop. 27,000 or so). Not to mention several smaller towns and a bunch of internet affiliates. We have a good, loyal listener-base and I'm always on the hunt for new affiliates. Very close to signing another rated market as we speak.

    I am potentially looking for a company or an individual who knows and can handle advertising for a show like mine. I have the three minutes of net spots available per hour currently, over the three hour duration on the above affiliates.

    I'm sure there are companies (probably national, small or big time) or individual, independent contractors that would be interested in advertising with a show as well produced, as appealing and unique as mine. I just need someone (or some people) to help me find those companies. Are you that person?

    I'm happy to discuss any possibility - my email is Would love to hear from you if you think you have a lead!

    Thanks a million in advance!
    Sean Hickey (Northwest Arkansas)