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Friday Poll: How Do You Keep Your Audience Growing?

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    January 24, 2019 7:53 PM PST

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    Here is this week's poll question:

    Does your station have a marketing budget (i.e., for external advertising), to reach and attract people who don't already listen?  How do you keep your audience growing?

    Looking forward to reading your replies!

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    January 27, 2019 5:17 PM PST

    We DO spend money on advertising. Not sure I could tell OTHERS to advertise if we didn't believe in it for OUR company!

    At the present time, we have 14 digital billboards every day (we do 2 more for special events) that is a cash expense, but it was covered by adding just ONE good client (which we secured by putting them on one of the boards with us from time to time) We can change these at any time for free.

    We also do a trade with several local publications. This is not as big of an amount, but since it is trade it was a no-brainer.

    We are looking at some BUS BENCH advertising... I like it because it is on the road where people drive their "RADIO ON WHEELS" every day.... and if they are curious... it is FREE for them to switch over to us! The thing I don't like... I can't change my message more than one time per year, so this has to be a "branding" investment. I'm actually talking to a client about being on the benches WITH us... we will then roll the expense into an annual plan for that client.

    We are involved in our local chamber of commerce, home builders association and other groups like them. THESE MATTER.... but don't just be a member... be an ACTIVE member. Otherwise it is like joining a gym and not going.... the magic is in SHOWING UP! ;-)

    In addition.... we do MANY OTHER things that are free!

    We have SEVERAL local facebook groups that we created and moderate... if you're not doing this now.... START!


    These I have a domain name pointing to them (new one)

    In addition.... we host many local events.... in addition to visibility, we actually sell sponsorships and MAKE money on these!

    If we can help in ANY WAY, please reach out!

    John & Heidi Small  &

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