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Friday Poll: Worst Weather Disaster Your Station Has Faced?

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    April 11, 2019 11:24 PM PDT

    This past Tuesday evening a normally quiet little stream overflowed its banks following a big rain, and one of the arterials in our town became a raging river. Our news director, Evan Ellis, went live on Facebook and shot some videos with his phone (search for "Pullman Radio News" on Facebook if you want to see them; it's a great example of how local radio is using Facebook to stay connected with listeners even when they're not tuned in), and I posted some photos of the aftermath on my own Facebook page the next morning. A few local businesses were hit really hard, under several feet of water. Not pretty.

    Because it's fresh on my mind and because others across the country are facing some flooding themselves, I thought it would be an appropriate topic for this week's Friday Poll question, namely,


    What's the Worst Weather Disaster Your Station Has Faced?

    How Has It Affected Your Work as a Salesperson? 

    We look forward to hearing your stories in the comments below. Thanks for taking time to share.


    Several TV News crews converge at the site of the worst flooding to file their reports.